Looking for an SEO Strategist in Burnie or Davenport? Are you considering hiring an SEO strategist? If you’re a business owner located in Burnie or Davenport, you have many things to consider before starting an SEO campaign. Many business owners jump in head first in SEO without having a clear direction or goal. Start With Targeting Do you want a local campaign targeted for Burnie and Davenport visitors? For local businesses, it may be a better idea to go for Burnie or Davenport because there is less competition for local search. Keywords for global search terms are incredibly competitive. Many businesses may actually benefit from local better because they run a business that is location based (such as a restaurant). Working Out Conversion Goals with Your SEO Strategist What will you do when you actually start receiving traffic? You want to talk with your SEO strategist to see if you want to go for leads, sales, or something long term like creating a loyal follower. Every Burnie and Davenport business will have different goals. Some will want physical mailing addresses while others may want email contact to follow up. What to Look for in a SEO Strategist When looking for a Burnie or Davenport SEO strategist to work with, be wary of tall promises. You want to work with an expert that is realistic and has clear goals. Ask the expert to show you the numbers (backlinks, domain age, pages) on your competitors and see if he can provide a clear plan. That will prove that the expert understands how to build your campaign.