Why is a SEO strategist so important?

Many people who create a website aren’t aware of how complex this process can be. The days when one could simply put a website online and walk away are long gone. The difficulties are mainly due to the fact that the internet is so heavily populated. Twenty years ago, one could easily have the only site about a certain topic. Or, if not that, it would usually at least be a simple matter to have the only website about a certain topic within the boundaries of one’s city. Times change though, and these days almost any given business will have an online presence. Users will typically just go to whatever site they can find. There is a way to turn this to one’s advantage. If one has one of the top ranking sites, users will be more likely to load them up in their browsers. This is where a SEO strategist comes in.

What can a SEO strategist do for me?

One of the best things about a strategist is how they can leverage location based services. For example, imagine someone living in Newcastle. Within the area of Newcastle, there will be a select number of places which can provide any particular service. The SEO strategist will first start out by carefully examining the web presence of a person’s competition. The analysis can often show various factors which will boost the visibility of a site within the area. For example, the SEO strategist might notice that people in Newcastle heavily rely on Google Maps. The strategist would then proceed to increase the visibility of the client’s site within the Newcastle region of Google Maps.

Will the SEO strategist increase my business?

In the example of Newcastle, there would be a significant increase in traffic for the business. The strategist would note that people relied on online mapping to find places to shop, and as a result they would find the client’s buisness when searching for businesses. This, in turn, would dramatically increase foot traffic within the Newcastle area. The process would hold true for online sales too, as well as for any other targeted area.