Search Engine Optimisation for Wollongong Businesses

Search engine optimisation is touted as an essential part of any effective online marketing strategy – but just how does hiring an SEO strategist benefit businesses in a town such as Wollongong? If you are a business owner or manager of a local business, you have probably asked yourself this very question. In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly common for people to search for products and services on the internet – whether it be from their laptop, smart phone or tablet. The most popular way to find what you are looking for is to type keywords into the major search engines, such as Google, and then go by their results. The first page of these results is where you want to be, because very few people scroll beyond this point. Unfortunately, if you are not on that first page then it is quite likely your competitors are – and therefore they are securing customers you could otherwise have had. Essentially, good SEO works to place your website on that first page in relation to relevant keywords – greatly increasing your website traffic, and therefore sales.

Location-Based Optimisation

It has been found that one in five Google searches use a location-based keyword to find a product or service. This being said, it is easy to see why SEO is just so important for businesses in a town such as Wollongong. If you are targeting a local audience, you want them to be able to find you quickly and easily. When you sign up with Web Marketing Experts, an SEO strategist will optimise your site for location-based keywords, making sure that potential clients in your area can find you with ease. While location-based optimisation improves website traffic, it also increases sales dramatically, as visitors specifically searching for local businesses are likely to be genuine. Our experienced SEO strategists can also assist you with optimising your Google Maps listing. There are two advantages to this, with the first being you can secure ‘on the spot’ customers as more and more people use their mobile devices to browse listings and find products and services they need on the go. The second is that these map listings provide another way to rank well in terms of generic organic searches – as Google now includes their map results in these listings. SEO is very important for local businesses, and a well-orchestrated SEO campaign can make all the difference in terms of your bottom line. For more information regarding SEO for your Wollongong business, contact an experienced SEO strategist at Web Marketing Experts today.