SEO The Natural Way

It is no secret that SEO has changed dramatically over the past year. This has a lot to with the updates from Google with the Panda update aiming to target low quality content and Penguin going after websites that use spammy links in order to achieve high rankings. So what does this mean for us in the web marketing business? Basically it means that we will have to resort to doing what Google has been asking for all along– write quality content and utilise natural links. This may come as a shock to many of us who have taken advantage of short cuts and quick fixes, but this will ultimately be the best thing for your website in the long run. It is now crucial that you really look hard at writing engaging content and determining its quality. The factor that enables any successful task is to plan ahead. Try and predict the potential for your content by analysing the metrics for existing content. Analysing others will give you an indication of the page metrics that you yourself can hope to achieve. Once it is up and running, consider aspects such as Bounce Rate and Social Signals. Writing quality content will earn those links that boost your visibility and will also encourage your readers to view, share and link to your content resulting in natural links.