SEO’s Market Worth

In the past, there have been many debates that SEOs should be taken as inbound marketers. After observing the current market trends of the online industry, one can say that in the long run, the only way to be a successful SEO is by creating to execute high quality content. Another reality of SEO business is, the top quality content can not be generated easily and it is also expensive. The SEO field has become more complex in the past few years as it requires more effort and time. The increased search engine rankings have become possible only because of the hard work put by the SEOs. The SEOs are mainly responsible for the following aspects: • Bringing traffic from social media • Audience and community growth • High user statistics and customer engagement • Increased internal blog subscriptions and newsletters • Increased advocacy and brand recognition • Increased link popularity and traffic from referral sites A huge amount of data is supporting these claims on the Web. It is also a fact that daily blog posts also bring more traffic. According to a report, there are almost 30 percent of the marketers that are spending most of their time on managing and creating quality content. We can conclude that the SEO campaigns are now valued in a different way. The good rankings of first page of search engine are not the guarantee of the SEO value and success. This may become a challenge for the current SEOs who have previously sold their customer on the basis of first-page ranking. This is a bitter pill to swallow that the industry is now changing and moving to a new dimension of KPIS. However, the relation between the KPIs and the search engines will result a better campaign success. People want to read the quality content that makes sense therefore it gives more importance to the content writer. Companies are hiring more professional writers rather focusing on the SEOs however these employees need training to operate in the environment of the industry to produce the quality content that relates with the topic model. Google is also considering content authors for the ranking factor. Author Rand or Agent Rand might have a useful effect on the SERPs. Author Rank will not replace the Page Rank however it will be used to get the Page Rank informed. This may also enable Google to rank the supreme quality content in an appropriate manner. There is a great challenge for the traditional SEOs who are still citing the first page ranking for the customers and not focusing the quality content. The new world is changing its trends and such traffic along with the rankings may sink in the future. Customers need their problem to be solved and this can only be done by providing them with top quality content. It is the time now for the SEOs to realize the importance of the content and its benefits and give the engine rankings a break.