Start Relationship Building

We all know the benefits of link building. With Google having a lower tolerance of spammy links however, it is even more important that we change our methods and ensure we are doing things right. A great way to increase your brand awareness is by building relationships with others in your field. Yes, this can result in links but it also offers so much more. For starters, building solid relationships is a low cost way to build value and loyalty for your site. It will also provide you with long term results opposed to spammy links of the past. It is time that quality takes over and we approach links differently and relationship building is the perfect way to do this. So how do you go about it? First it is important that you find the people you wish to build a relationship with. Using platforms like Linked In and Twitter will help you find like-minded people that may be interested in forming a relationship. You can also use Followerwonk that lets you find the influencers in your field. Once you have figured out the ‘who’ it is time to move on to the ‘how’. Put simply; build relationships the same way you build friendships. Be honest, approachable and friendly both on and offline. Meet with them in person when you get the chance. If however you must send an email, make sure it is personal. Do not write a standard email that you send to the masses as this is not effective. Go out with the right intentions and relationship building will come easily.