The Five Areas Of SEO

As it has previously been said, by people who have to work with it, by SEO companies and by web sites giving advice on the topic. There is a lot involved in planning and implementing an SEO strategy. There are various ways that one may tackle it, and while there are many options as to how to set up SEO for different individuals, the different techniques can pretty much be split into five main categories. Firstly you have your keyword research. This can be pretty tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. Basically you have to find keywords that will fit naturally into your web content that your customers will be likely to use in a search. Keywords can be costly depending on how popular they are, so you want to try to come up with some unique ones when possible. Secondly there is developing your website to make it search engine friendly, usually by considering the structure and navigation of your website. Basically in the end it makes it easy for search engines you determine what your site is about and place it in a searcher’s results. Then there is on-page SEO techniques that are designed to assist in your search engine ratings, these techniques basically work within the web development you design of your actual web site. Next is Link building, and there are a variety of these to consider. For example, there are reciprocal links, resource links; forum linking and advertising links just to name a few. Though they all are links, they all work in different ways, so to leave one type of link out means that you may be missing out on traffic that type of link might bring in. And last but by no means lest, the need for analysis. It is important to remember that SEO is an ongoing thing that is going to need maintenance. Because the internet and the way it works are forever changing, so will your approach to your SEO strategy as well. You may need to update everything from your web content, to the possibility of selecting better suited keywords that are more efficient. Everything will likely need to be moved around at least once or twice a year. So remember that if you consider the five areas of your SEO, it may seem a little more manageable and a little less like an impossible task.