Top 3 SEO Mistakes You Can Avoid

Optimising your website for search engine relevancy can be a tricky process. There are many ways to effectively increase your Search Engine value and there are many ways to make it plummet. Here are the top 3 most common SEO mistakes you should avoid:

1. Keyword Stuffing and SEO

Google and other search engines are on to the art of keyword stuffing (an unethical SEO technique in which keywords are essentially “stuffed”, or overused). While the use of keywords is helpful, be careful of using them repeatedly. You will be penalised for overdoing your keywords.

2. Missing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions in SEO Techniques

The title tag is displayed at the top of the internet browser (in the usually blue top strip) and is also the click-able text you see in the search results page. Be sure to incorporate a unique title tag for each page. Using the same title tag for every page will also decrease your SEO value. Meta Description (the brief description found under the title on a search results page) is also important for SEO. Without this description, search engines have a hard time determining the important content and the user is less likely to click on a link that lacks a description.

3. Broken Links/Outdated Information

Links are great, but keep them relevant. A broken link is seen as irrelevant content and is ignored by search engines, thereby negating previous SEO efforts. The web crawlers are essentially stopped at a broken link and deem the page outdated or irrelevant and simply move on.