Using Events to Increase Link Building Potential

This may not come as a surprise but public relations and SEO can play hand in hand. By using them together you have the opportunity to maximise your exposure and link building opportunities. One great way to implement PR for link building is to come up with a yearly plan. By knowing what is happening in the year ahead, you can effectively decide the best times to promote and push content. It is important for companies to think about the major events that are happening in their companies as well as their industry as a whole. By doing this, you can decide the best ways to use your time and energy as well as recognise the months where nothing is happening. Taking note of exhibitions and shows happening in your industry gives you the opportunity to use them to your advantage. This can be to either piggy back off of their publicity or avoid promoting at that time. Don’t forget that there are also many holidays and national days to take into consideration. Make sure you make a list of these by doing a search. By using these you will have a legit reason to push your ideas. Journalists often look for stories that tie to these specific days which will give you an advantage.