Using Images to Improve SEO

Images are an important yet often forgotten aspect of search engine optimization. Depending on how you use images on your website, they can hurt or help your SEO efforts. Below are two image tips that will improve your SEO and increase your site traffic.

Image Titles and SEO

An image title should follow the same rules as an article title, keep it relevant, concise yet eye-catching. A good image title should convey the message of the image and include key-phrases within the article it accompanies. For example, if you write an article about oral health with an accompanying photo of mouth wash, a good image title would be “mouth-wash-for-oral-health.” Always use dashes to separate the terms in your image title, and aim to keep your image titles between five and seven words in length.

Image ‘alt text’ and SEO

Search engines depend on “alt text,” which means alternative information, to determine what an image is about. Making use of alt text gives you an opportunity to make your website more visible and additional space to incorporate SEO practices. The alt text should convey the exact same message as the image itself. For instance, if your website, SEO Marketing Group, contains a site-wide banner displaying the company logo, the alt text for the banner image should be ‘SEO Marketing Group banner,” not simply “banner.” If your website uses a magnifying glass as the search button, the alt text should be “search button,” not “magnifying glass.”