Using your industry expertise to generate great content

If you’re an expert in your particular industry, why not make the most of it? Well crafted web content is not only great for increasing rankings, it can help improve credibility and branding (and therein increase sales conversions). This content can take a number of forms, and doesn’t have to take as many labour hours as you may think; it’s always easier to write fluently when covering a topic you’re truly passionate about. Not convinced? Think of the last time you yourself were trying to compare businesses based on just a website impression. Did you go with the store/service that was basically a flash online business card, or the one with regular employee updates, comprehensive product/service information and news that showed they were really switched on and interested in what they were doing? Getting started is easy; many CMS’ allow for simple content updates, in the form of blog posts or otherwise. Some of the most popular content includes: 1. Process/instructional content: People love a good how to, whether it be a recipe or DIY improvement instructions. This can be directly or indirectly tied in to your products and services; not everything has to be a way to sell, but it should reinforce your brand in some way. 2. Lists of tips and tricks: Great for time poor people who want to know more about a particular area. Can often look better on mobile sites than articles. 3. Blogs: Blog content can take the form of anything from an expanded opinion on current affairs, to a niche piece of information written in your own authentic ‘voice’. 4. Ask the Expert features: Whether this is conducted as a live chat or a mail-in and response, an ask the expert session gets people actively involved in the content process. You can also email your existing clients/customers ahead of time to let them know that it’ll be happening, for even higher engagement. 5. Expert videos Whether or not they incorporate a product demonstration, videos are an important part of creating a diverse content experience for your audience (ensuring they don’t get bored or fatigued). Users like to see the faces and the ‘real people’ behind web-based businesses; it helps create a connection not just on a customer service level, but with the brand itself. One more important thing to remember: like with any style of online publishing, it’s important to be able to commit to updating on a semi-regular basis. Whether you are producing short, social media oriented updates once (or multiple times) per day, or publishing longer pieces on a weekly basis, consistency says a lot about your credibility as an author.