What Makes SEO a Time Consuming Process?

For those who have recently decided to invest time and money in SEO it may be a shock to see just how long it takes before results are seen. Often a client has an assumption that once SEO begins results should be following from the very beginning. Unfortunately, SEO won’t give you amazing results overnight and is a long process that requires a lot of research and steps. Although it sounds like a quick process, finding a client’s competitors can take much longer than you think. Chances are the client has not developed an idea or product that is completely new. This means there are plenty of people out there offering the same thing. Not only must competitors be found, an SEO professional will also determine what links are leading to these sites. All of this takes time. Once you find out where you stand in terms of competitors in the market, you need to develop strategies of your own that will promote your business. SEOs will consider link building opportunities by finding sites that link to your competitors as well as those that have not. It is after this they will consider things like content, guest posting and paid links. While just these steps take a considerable amount of time, this is simply skimming the surface of what is involved in SEO. It is also important to realise too that although we would all love results overnight and immediate boosts, these actually have the potential to harm your site. Fast results are often a warning sign to Google and can encourage them to manually check your site which, if something like unnatural links is detected, can result in penalties.