What to Do After a Manual Penalty is Removed

So you got that letter in Google’s Webmaster Tools saying that after reviewing your reconsideration request your penalty has been removed. Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, it is important to remember that simply getting a penalty removed will not save you from penalties in the future. So what do you do now? You basically need to go through and start cleaning. You may have already gotten rid of those spammy links but you must remember that although these may have lead to a penalty, they were also responsible for giving you ranking success. This means you need to start again by getting some high quality links. On top of this, you need to check and ensure you have a clean source code, this provides a solid foundation to work off of. Once these are sorted you need to make sure you can protect yourself from the scary Panda. This means writing content that is of a high standard and engaging to its readers, not simply impressing search engines. Building your author ranking is also a great idea. To do this you should take advantage of Google+ and authorship. Anonymity will get you nowhere in the web marketing game. If you follow these steps you can hopefully prevent further penalties that will be harder to remove.