Why Aren’t You Going Global?

It seems many of us have excuses when it comes to this question such as ‘I am too small a company’ or ‘I wouldn’t even know where to start’. The fact is however, expanding your business may not be as daunting or difficult as you may think and there are many opportunities for businesses of any size to expand if they do the right homework. With the exception of China, countries are using Google and social media platforms that we ourselves are already using on a daily basis to improve our traffic and exposure within Australia. Why then are we not using these tools to their full potential and taking on a larger market overseas? A great thing about the web is the ability to reach a mass audience in a small amount of time, take advantage of this and start moving outside of that tiny box you have placed yourself in. An essential for any success within a business is realising where you fit in the industry and what you can provide for your customers. Often the customer’s needs in one country can match those in another and with slight adjustments you could easily cater to them all. With some proper research and time dedicated to your project you could extend your brand to other countries successfully and increase your customers dramatically.