Company background

Established in 2008, Web Marketing Experts has built upon our technical and business successes to become by far Australia’s largest SEO firm. Since then, highlights of the company’s development have included Google AdWords certifications and awards from independent arbiters such as TopSEOs, culminating in WME placing in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific and the SmartCompany Smart50 Awards of 2012. Over 2,000 clients across the country (and a further 1,000+ internationally) now trust us to grow their search engine rankings month by month, and to bring them business.

Our staff & resources

Our unique difference lies in the fact that we’re a large SEO provider with over 120 staff across the country (nearly 250 internationally), but we don’t outsource any part of our process; all technical and creative work is done in-house at our central Melbourne office, whilst strategy work and new client introductions also take place from our local Perth and Sydney offices. This means that we have specialised experts to work on each stage of your campaign, from planning to execution and maintenance. Our resources and expertise also mean that work on your campaign is streamlined, and you can start seeing results sooner.

An international presence

In the past two years, Web Marketing Experts has also expanded overseas, and have now established offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and California. Strengthening our international network of resources and broadening our experience in different industries & with different target markets means that we can continue to improve our standards and offer a truly industry leading level of service.

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